Last weekend during the Staley’s celebration in Sydney I had the fantastic opportunity to meet great names of the comics and illustration industry in Australia and in the world. It was a blast and an honor to be able to talk to some of my idols as the extraordinary illustrator/caricaturist for Mad magazine, Tom Richmond

Tom Richmond and Horton Novak

and the Pulitzer award-winner Pat Oliphant; the “Walt Disney” from India, Cartoonist Pran Kumar was an interesting bonus. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet all the talented cartoonists from ACA, that were there sharing experiences and stories during all weekend.I was also amazed to see how talented the new generation of cartoonist in Australia is (yeah, I’m talking about you Sarah Murray and friends)!

Willem Wynand, Bobby, Pat Oliphant and wife, Jules Faber,Sarah Murray and Horton Novak

I was very surprised and proud to find out that I’m the first cartoonist from Brazil and South America to become a member of the Australian Cartoonists’ Association ACA.

I would like to thank Jules Faber (ACA president), Peter Broelman (ACA membership secretary), Carolina Meehan (Journalist, friend and avid supporter) and all ACA members and guests who contributed to make the weekend a great event.

I will be posting more pictures in the Mausoleum Hotel section on the webcomics and at the Skeletica Facebook page very soon!

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