It’s SAGITTARIUS time! Happy Birthday to all of you that were born between November 22 – Dec 21!

I just uploaded  to the  Post Morten  section, “Sagittarius” the latest addition to the popular Skeletica Zodiacal Series.

Sagittarius - Skeletica Zodiacal Series

Sagittarius - Skeletica Zodiacal Series

Do you know that you can send this exclusive Skeletica design and others as Free E-card ?

Yeah, You can!  Just visit the POST MORTEN section on Skeletica website to send Skeletica’s birthday ,  friendship or even love e-cards … after all everybody like to be remembered. Moreover, if  just the virtual version is not enough for you , why not own the printed card version or yet shirts, mugs, mouse pads and more, as  most of the designs are as well available for purchase on the NECRO MALL STORE!

We are periodically adding more cards and designs, so if you have some great idea please  just drop us a line, will be great to hear from you!

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