I found Carmen Sandiego in a train in Sydney when I was going to the Supa Nova Expo ( Australian biggest Comic/sci-fi/anime convention). Carmen and her friend were very nice and even helped me to find my way to the exhibition (Yeah, of course I was lost)…

I found Carmen Sandiego in a train in Sydney (Going to the Supa Nova Expo)

The SUPANOVA was a lot of fun, and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself… well if I haven’t been attacked by an Alien would be a lot better… but in the end I was fine, turned out that the one I met was a good guy (or girl) : )

I had a chance as well to meet Trevor Wood one of the creators of Sawbones comics… Sawbones  is about two skeletons…so you guessed right I was in my element. However, I really like their comics…so I bought my copy of Sawbones – vol 1,  autographed of course: )

Trevor Wood signing my copy of Sawbones volume 1

And talking about been in my element, next year I must go with Skeletica to the convention. I’m sure,  She will  mingle very well,  after all it felt like that all  afterlife was around… Just check the pictures..

Hellboy was there and asked about Skeletica...hmmmm

Sorry Chucky but you are not Skeletica's type (by the way you are married!)

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