Scary Smiles Collection - Creature of Black Lagoon

Today’s wet monster inhabits a lagoon darkest deepness, and he hates to be called fish face. Guessed who he is?

Meet the Creature of Black Lagoon the newest  addition to the  SCARY SMILES collection.

#5– The Black  Lagoon Creature

SCARY SMILES is a new series featuring the most famous monsters and creatures from the afterlife as  smiley faces. The traditional yellow smileys are in the past. The latest fashion this Halloween is Skeletica’s SCARY SMILES.

Every day here a new SCARY SMILE, so watch this space and check the ALL NEW SKELETICA STORE a t*/ . We are packed with SCARY SMILES for all tastes and sizes. : ) I hope you love and have a lot of fun with them!

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