Here we go again, Skeletica strips are returning to its normal schedule Monday, Wednesday and Fridays so visit the website for all new adventures. During the last 3 months, I have been working hard to finish the website and as well as working on a story board for an upcoming horror movie called “Stay dead” ( I will post some images from it soon) but I still have a lot to do. The free virtual cards section is online and some other new pages as well. Soon I will be finishing the new comic section where we will have Skeletica’s long stories and a new concept in comics where you help to finish the story that I called, I-comics (Interactive comics).  I really hope you have been enjoying Skeletica’s adventures and the new website, but like, I said still have a lot to be done, and if you want to help, please let me know what you think, suggestions and comments are very welcome, and if you see something wrong when you are navigating please let me know.

Talk to you guys soon…


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