Hey Guys,

Hello again… yeah I know … long time with no posts… I really need to apologize about that and about the unstable upgrade of Skeletica’s strips … I had some family problems, and I was a bit… I can say… busy around here!

"Virgo" from Skeletica Zodiacal series now available as a free e-card at the POST MORTEN section.

I will be writing here at least once a week to let you guys know about some exciting news around Necropolis , especially now that we are on the verge of commemorate our first year online, wow a big thank to all of you who frequently visit the website .

I  have been planning some changes in the website and  craving for some time now to restart writing and drawing long stories. I love work with strips, but sometimes I feel like a need a bit more canvas to picture Skeletica’s “world”,  With that in mind I decided to change the strips schedule a bit, and I will be updating just once a week… but in parallel, I will be publishing long stories as well, starting in October on the WEBCOMICS section.

As part of all that changes, Every month I will be adding  on the POST MORTEM section, a new free e-card based in the 12 signs of the zodiac from the series “Skeletica Zodiacal”. The first one, the sign of “Virgo” , is already there, and if you liked you can have it on shirts, mugs, journals and a lot more visiting the newly open “NECRO MALL” Skeletica’s official online store.

For now it’s all folks…

See you soon,


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