Hello Guys…

The Habour Bridge (Sydney) hide in the red dust last wednesday.

"Libra" from Skeletica Zodiacal series now available as a free e-card at the POST MORTEN section.

This was a very unusual week in Sydney, you probably have seen on the news, about the red dust  that covered the city… was great to wake up in the morning and see my room filled with a red glow! I thought to myself… wow so earlier in the morning and the sun is that strong ? When I open the drapes, I was really surprised! Did I die and woke up in Mars? Hahaha, I felt  like I was in the middle of the set of “The mist”  the fog was red, but you got my point… and I was just waiting for the monsters to show up…but then after a quick look on the internet… I discovered  that was just dust!!! However, was a very cool day, and I was very inspired drawing this  week strip and  some other projects that I will be publishing very soon!

This week as well I have added a new  Skeletica Zodiacal card  to our free  post card section…  This time is “Libra” . So check  which of your friends are born under this star sign and surprise them with  our exclusive free post cards, but if you want something a bit more “special” visit the Necromall store!

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