A stylish teenager skeleton beauty. She “lives” in Necropolis in her family Mausoleum, attends the Haunted Hill college and loves to hang out at the Necro Mall (her favorite place in all  Afterlife).
She is nice, funny, sarcastic and a bit bossy, a dim-witted skeleton who is just interested in her looks, shopping centers, teenage ghoul boys and little else…
Her goals in the afterlife: Become the Afterlife Top model (after all she got the looks and is skinny enough to be so).


He Is Skeletica’s older brother and his mother’s golden boy. Noah is into radical sports, gym, games and of course girls, lots of girls. At home He could be a bit lazy and messy. However, overprotective, especially of his teenager sister Skeletica.
Noah is a Haunted Hill High’s senior (Don’t ask how as he is not very into his books and studies)When not at home Noah works as a part time “dead saver” in the busiest beach in Necropolis, the famous Eerie Beach.

His goals in the afterlife: Meet his definitive muse (after date all afterlife girls)


She is Skeletica’s youngest sister, the intellectual, most rational and ironic member of the family. Karmine has extremely mature and dark points of view …especially for a child. This always leaves the other family members stunned.
She is into reading, playing with chemistry and magic. She enjoys experiment with her poor cat “Femur” and hang out with her best friend Bia Bandage.
Her goals in the afterlife: World domination


She is a very lovely and caring mother and  spends most of her time taking care of the family mausoleum, looking after her “children”, excentric mother and family pets. She enjoys watching soap operas and talking to the monster in the sink (the only one who still pretends to listen to her).
Lily has become a bit “eccentric” and absentminded, after her divorce.

Her goals in the afterlife: Be a great mother and have her mausoleum spotless. Clean and tide are her key words in the afterlife. (Even if it seems not natural in an old cemetery where spider webs and dust are posh items).

Betty (Grandma)
Betty is Lily’s mother and Skeletica’s grandmother. She is a very open-minded old lady, a remnant of the flower power generation. She is not scared of speak her mind and even swear, what is quite not acceptable for a old lady!
She is one of the oldest members of the witches association of Necropolis.
She spends most of her time at her room in the mausoleum dungeons, preparing potions, practicing yoga or talking with living people on the net.

Her goals in the afterlife: Become a first class witch and relive her hippie days.


She is Skeletica’s best friend they grew up together and have been friends since the kindergarten. She is an afro American skeleton that is very proud of her origins.

Naomi is into fashion shopping and celebrities gossip. She can’t resist using her hereafter credit card, What have been driven her father crazy because of the astronomic bills!When she isn’t at the School or Necromall, She “rests” with her family in a comfy mausoleum at Black Cat Street, an expensive neighborhood.