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“Since I was 3 years old, I managed to have fun drawing my favorite comic characters as Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and Mickey Mouse. In 1982 when I was just 10 years old, I had already decided to pursue a career as cartoonist and started to draw, photocopy and sell my own Fanzines.”
During his early years, the author has created some of his current groups of characters as “The Comic Ghosts”(lately renamed “Skeletica”), “Little Ice Cream”, “the Lady” “Robobos” and “Leguminous”. When he was 12 years old, Horton had illustrated books as “Um Lugar” (A place) poems written by renowned Brazilian radio presenter Luciano Barroso and counted more than 200 characters on his own comics gallery.

A portion of a poster featuring Horton Novak's characters gallery as in October 1994.

At 14 He was invited by Rosane Sa a head teacher of a chain of schools in Brasilia (Brazil’s capital) to develop periodicals and fanzines to be distributed monthly though all the schools of the group, what turned out to be a great opportunity to show his work to a large audience.

Cover of some fanzines created and produced by Horton between 1986/2000

At 18, he moved to São Paulo, searching specialization and more contact with the “comics world”. Already in São Paulo, Horton strived to master his techniques studying Drawing, Painting, animation, comics techniques and graphic design while working in press, Advertising agencies, design agencies and in theatre where he acted, developed scripts and props for plays.

In 1996, he initiated his participation in the “Project Cartoon Brazil” that was aimed to reveal new talents of comics in Brazil, displaying to the public, comic strips and pages as large pictures in a gallery. During the 2 years that he participated in this project, Horton published strips, illustrations and charges in public galleries, Shopping centers, bars, fairs and in comic exhibitions.

Horton Novak his character Skeletica and assistant during some exhibitions and events.

In 1997, He started to publish his comic series in specialized comics and cartoons websites and to participate with his characters of diverse festivals and related comics events. In 1998, Horton put together a small team and created his HNA comics studio to produce illustration, design and manage his work as cartoonist. Soon after that Horton launched his first official web comics called “HNA comix”.

In 2000 He creates the characters “Eros and Lillith”, exclusively for Motels Guide website – and begins to illustrate the articles and pages of the same, a partnership that spans 9 years.

Cover of websites and books where Horton has published his comics.

In 2003, Horton published his comics strips in a book format among 19 other cartoonists in a project created by the company Via Lettera publishing were several authors would showcase their comic strips, cartoons and characters. This book was “central de Tiras 2003” (Strips Central 2003)” aimed to promote the new talents of comics in Brazil. In the same year Horton published his comics strips in a similar project created by Virgo publishing the first book of this project was entitled “Tiras de Letras”(Strips of letters).This was followed by another book in the same year entitled “Tiras de Letras outra vez” Strips of letter again” and in 2004 by a third installment called “Tiras de Letras muito mais” (strips of Letters a lot more).

Poster and pictures from the play Skeletica and the Cereal Killer's girl.

In December of 2004, Horton debuts as writer and producer of his first stage play “The Cereal Killer’s girl” featuring Skeletica’s gang.

In January of 2005, Horton was interviewed by Mário Mastrotti on the TV program “Amigos do Traco” (Drawing Friends), to speak about his stage play and the process to translate Skeletica’s comic strips into a theatrical language.

Since August of 2005, the author has been living in Sydney – Australia where he is currently working as illustrator and graphic designer. In 2007, Horton became a proud ACA (Australian cartoonist association) member.

Horton has just finished a story board, in a Graphic Novel format, for an up coming horror movie directed and written by the acclaimed Director Michael Egan, called “Stay dead”.

Celebrating the Halloween season, Skeletica’s new comic strip series have been  published, for the first time ever in English, at webcomics Nation network ( since 31 of October of 2008.